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Le Beef's Story

Classic Diner Burger

In a world of ever changing tastes you can always count on the classic American Cheese burger to satisfy you.  We love the classic diner style quarter pounder with a slice of American cheese, dill pickles and our very own secret sauce.  Cooked in butter and set in a Martin's bun our burger is simple and classic yet made with the greatest care.  Our dill pickles are brined in selection of spices and onions to add the perfect crunch and bite.  Chef Justin Huffman's Secret Sauce starts with a slow cooked tomato jam and builds and builds from there leaving you with the perfectly dressed burger of your dreams!

The Cook & his Wife

Chef Justin Huffman and his wife Nicole Rossi are restaurant veterans who have managed restaurants in both California & Texas.  Their background has been in upscale dining in cuisines from Japanese to French.  They fell love with the burger after working with dear friend Chris Kronner of Oakland's Kronnerburger and brought their own spin back with them to Texas.

Through Le Beef they are able to share with Austin the great American cheese burger, the creative passions of Chef Justin and Nicole's love for genuine hospitality. 


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